Clinic with Dr. Simon Curtis, Saturday 7th July at 9am

Clinic with Dr. Simon Curtis, Saturday 7th July at 9am

The Irish Master Farriers Association is hosting a clinic with Dr. Simon Curtis FWCF, Ph.D on Saturday 7th July at the Racing Academy and Centre of Education, Kildare.
The clinic which is free to IMFA members  is open to veterinary professionals for a fee and  will include four lectures covering findings from Dr. Curtis’s PhD, and will also look at farriery treatment for foal deviation. In the afternoon there will be two linked lectures; the first will explore why hooves change shape, and the second will discuss how, as farriers, we can improve hoof shape by trimming and shoeing. Here’s a brief summary of each lecture:

Lecture 1: Hoof development – from foal to maturity
Lecture 2: Farriery for foals
Lecture 3: Effects upon the equine hoof that cause hoof shape
Lecture 4: Farriery techniques to change hoof shape

If you are interested in attending or becoming an IMFA member contact Sarah Callow on 085 7151894 or email

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